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Selected reviews of Translations from Bark Beetle (Milkweed Editions, 2014)

— The wonderful Jen Bervin wrote about Translations from Bark Beetle for a Poetry Foundation feature. Read her article here: "Three Dimensions"

— An interview by Darren Higgens in "Words on Stone, Eggshells, Feathers, Etc.: Poems, Art & Interview with Jody Gladding

— The September 2014 issue of Orion included a review of Translations from Bark Beetle by Julia Shipley. 

— Molly Bendall reviewed Translations from Bark Beetle for Free Verse. Read it here


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The Book of Beginnings by François Jullien
Yale University Press, May 2015



Virginia Woolf:  A Portrait  by Viviane Forrester
Columbia University Press, May 2015



Translations from Bark Beetle  (Milkweek Editions, 2014)

 Poems by Jody Gladding. More information, and an excerpt, can be found HERE.
See above for a selected list of recent reviews. 



Green: The History of a Color, by Michel Pastoureau. 
Princeton University Press, 2014. Read more here, and read a review in the New York Review of Books (September issue) here